Official page of Ukrainian branch of wudang taoist kungfu academy, led by Master Gou Liang (Mykola Plyaskin), 16th generation of Wudang San Feng Pai.

Joung gongfu group (children 10-15 years old):

Monday – Wednesday – Friday

From 17.00 to 19.00

Join our adult group!
šŸ”–In the training program:

  • Hong Yuan Qigong
  • 83 form of Chen Taijiquan style
  • 71 form of Chen Taijiquan style
  • Taiji sword
  • Taiji Saber.

šŸ—“ļø Every Monday and Friday
From 19:00 to 20:30
šŸ’øšŸ’øšŸ’ø Cost 700 UAH / month.
šŸÆAt the address of Lviv, 16a Stefanyka Street (city center)
šŸ˜ŽIndividual lessons with master Guo Liang are also possible
All details by phone number
šŸ“ž063 848 42 17


ā€˜Qi gongā€™ is a practice that incorporates breathing techniques and specific movements and postures to help adjust balance in a practitionerā€™s body and mind, heighten feeling, internal awareness, and bodily communication, and to promote an overall more balanced and healthy existence.


TaijiĀ isĀ theĀ balancingĀ interactionĀ ofĀ yinĀ andĀ yang.Ā UnderĀ theĀ TaijiĀ System,Ā TaijiquanĀ isĀ theĀ formĀ thatĀ weĀ useĀ toĀ cultivateĀ ourselvesĀ andĀ learnĀ toĀ developĀ andĀ understandĀ feelingĀ inĀ ourĀ bodiesĀ andĀ howĀ toĀ integrateĀ thatĀ intoĀ movement.Ā 


The Wudang martial arts, sometimes referred to as Wudang Kung Fu, are martial arts collections that have originated from the Wudang Mountain in the central part of China.Ā  Its Taoists martial arts are recognized globally, but itā€™s actually different from the equally popular Shaolin Kung Fu.